Few Substitutes Of Best Low-Carb Keto Rice Meal

Craving rice dishes but cannot indulge in that savory goodness? That starchy grain is filled with too many carbs to keep your body in ketosis but cutting down on rice should not stop you from indulging in savoriness.

So, we have come up with some options low-carb rice substitutes to satisfy your cravings.

Mushroom Rice:

Mushrooms serve as a great low-carb rice substitute with their earthy subtle taste. Although they are low in carbs, you will have to keep carb count in mind because carb content varies depending on the types of mushrooms. Sauté with butter for a rich flavor and go creative with adding more low-carb flavored savory food options.

Shirataki Rice:

More commonly known as “miracle rice”, shirataki rice is made from konjac roots – a root vegetable that grows in part of Asia. With the lowest amount of carbs present and a perfect keto-friendly low-carb rice substitute, these can be cooked and eaten as rice and also in soup and stews to add more variety to your keto meals.

Cauliflower Rice:

Definitely one of the top and best low-carb rice substitutes for your keto diet, cauliflower rice is ideal because it’s low-carb rice and has a very low-calorie content. They are made by simply food-processing cauliflower until granulated to a rice-like appearance. You can make them yourself or find these in the rice section. Because of their white color and rice-like texture, they serve best when seasoned well and cooked like a rice recipe with other savory flavors. You can even use broccoli and cabbage to make rice.
Cauliflower Rice:


A great low-carb rice substitute for your keto meals, quinoa is a high-protein and high-fiber meal option. It adds more richness to your diet and can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can make a delectable side dish for any meal and can be cooked with meat broth or as salad, and breakfast porridge.

Wild Rice:

Unlike its name, it’s not rice but semi-aquatic grass that grows along the shores of streams and lakes. It makes for a very good low-carb rice substitute because of its similar texture to rice and low-calorie content. With its umami flavor, it can be fun playing around with its recipes because it can be added to any meal like casseroles, soups, and even salads. Nutritional analysis shows that wild rice is rich in vitamins, protein, dietary fiber, and minerals.

Wild Rice

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